Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three, Going on Four!

Today is our last day as a family of three. Tomorrow morning we'll be going into the hospital to have Brigham!

At my appointment today, the doctor said I was dilated to a 4!! I'm trying not to be too excited, and I'm fully expecting to be told that I'm a 3 when I check into the hospital tomorrow. Anyways, I was just happy not to have been told that I went "backward" and was a 1 ;)

Brigham's estimated weight from the ultrasound today is 6lbs 6oz. I'm interested and excited to see how accurate the ultrasound "guesstimate" is.

Our countdown has gone from days down to hours, yeah!!!

We'll keep updates as current as possible :) Thanks to everyone for all the faith and prayers! Keep 'em coming!

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The Gatherers said...

You and Brigham are in our prayers daily! I'm so excited for you to finally have him here!