Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ok, nothing is too awesome for words, that would mean I wouldn't be writing! Here's a picture version of Carrie's birthday party.

Awesome decorations!

The purse birthday cake(s), I'm so proud!

The lemon cakeballs. My first attempt of baking her cake (from a box) somehow horribly failed and looked really weird. It still tasted good though so we decided to just make cake balls. They're delicious!

Opening presents. She totally got it! She actually understood that the paper wasn't the "fun" part, and what was inside was the real present

Playing with her new alphabet puzzle. She's getting very good at her alphabet!

A grocery cart to go with her play kitchen stuff from Christmas. It even has a little seat for her baby dolls

A tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa Rogers (with a removable push handle for mommy or daddy to help)

An easel from Nana and Papa Greer

Carrie with all her presents. Holy moly... She definitely didn't lack even with her birthday being a month after Christmas.
She even got a present from Brigham. Mhylee the nurse, put together a little gift bag with premie diapers for her dolls, a little premie bottle for her dolls and several large syringes that she said work great as squirt guns in the bathtub! It was adorable!

Eating yummy cake and ice cream

Say cheese! She walked around all night "taking" everyone's picture with her new princess play camera.

Carrie had fun drawing on the white erase board and then she was nice enough to share her new present with the rest of us. We played pictionary as a family! Thanks again Nana and Papa!

We all enjoyed celebrating our sweet Carrie's birthday! Here's to another great year of life Carrie!


Corynn said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!! Jake misses you. Maybe you can come play at our house one day. Today at church he kept saying, "Carrie?" "Carrie?" Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your day. Give Mommy and Daddy lots of loves from all of us over at the Payne house. :)

Heather F said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! I can't believe its two years already. It looks like she had a really fun birthday party.

Laura Cook said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! Wish we all lived closer to each other... I'm sure Crystal, Carrie, and Elli would be great friends!

Meagan said...

Glad you guys were able to have a fun birthday for Carrie! It looks like she got a lot of cool stuff!

Michelle said...

What a fun birthday! =)